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Factors – Mining

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Depth of Mining As the magnitude of vertical stress increases with the depth of mining, it seems reasonable to say that these stresses will increase the probability of outburst at greater mining depths. However, this does not exclude the chance of outburst at small depths. While many parts of the [...] Read More  

Factors – Gas

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GAS ENVIRONMENT The most important factors associated with the gas environment in an outburst prone region are the seam gas pressure, gas permeability and the gas content and composition. Mining operations promote the change of methane into a fully gas state and the resultant increase in gas pressure triggers the [...] Read More  

Factors – Coal

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STRENGTH OF THE COAL SEAM The strength and elastic module of the coal seam influence the fracture mechanics of an outburst. Stored elastic strain energy is released, and the failure is usually brittle indicating that the strain energy is not being used to distort the strata and a large proportion [...] Read More