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Most modern shearers are controlled by a remote control unit so that the machine can be operated from a safe working position. The remote control unit for DBT Electra 3000 shearer consists of a set of keypads to operate the machine and a series of LED’s to indicate the position of certain functions of the machine. The signals of operation are sent via a radio transmission signal from the remote unit to the shearer. The keypads that appear on this particular remote control unit are:

  • On – Off Controls
    • Battery “ON”
    • Battery “OFF”
    • Machine Stop
  • Haulage Controls
    • Haulage Request/Stop
    • Haul Left
    • Haul Right
    • Increase Speed
    • Decrease Speed
  • Automatic Steering Conrols
    • Select Auto Mode
    • Select Auto Defeat Mode
    • Select Record Mode
    • Auto Override Left Hand Drum
    • Auto Override Right Hand Drum
  • Hydraulic Function Controls
    • Left Arm Raise
    • Left Arm Lower
    • Right Arm Raise
    • Right Arm Lower
    • Coal Sizer Raise
    • Coal Sizer Lower
    • Left Cowl Clockwise
    • Left Cowl Counter Clockwise
    • Right Cowl Counter Clockwise
    • Left Cowl Counter Clockwise
    • Water On
    • Water Off