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Peter McInally Book on Ventilation

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Welcome. Safety include many aspects. One of these is of course ventilation. An exceptionally good reference publication by Peter McInally is recommended to all students and professionals alike. Click here to read it.Ventilation, Peter McInally Additional pages will be uploaded shortly

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Introduction The Roadway Development Operators’ Workshops were initiated in September 2006 as part of ACARP’s overall Roadway Development Improvement Project and have been conducted on a six monthly basis since that time. The objective of the Workshops is to provide all personnel involved in roadway development a forum to: Learn […]

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Content Contribution Please contact us if you want to contribute any content to this website to info@miningst.com. You can also leave us a message by submitting the form to the right. Financial Support Donation to this website is also welcome. Read More  


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Automation & Process Control Bearings Belts, Conveyors & Clearance Systems Brakes Cables, Reels & Winders Cement/Lime Concrete/Aquacrete, Shotcrete Chains Chemical Manufacturing, Supplies & Processing Communication Equipment Mining Consultant Consultants Consumables Contractors Diesel Equipment & Filters Drilling & Gas Drainage Dust, Heat & Noise Control Electrical & Electronics Engineering Environmental Exploration, […]

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Coal Operators Conference Papers and Proceedings

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The Coal Operators' Conference has been held at the University of Wollongong since 1998. The Conference is organised by Mining Engineering - University of Wollongong. For further information contact Naj Aziz (Chairman and Convenor), School of Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering, University of Wollongong, 2522. Tel: (02) 4221 3449. Email: naj_aziz@uow.edu.au. See also [...] Read More  

Seminar and Workshop Presentation

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John Hanes Library – Drilling Research Folder Ian Gray Jeff Wood – Sigra Response to Sigra Presentation Metrop Outburst Seminar Presentation North Goonyella Outburst Presentation

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ACARP REPORTS: Shear Testing of The Major Australian Cable Bolts Under Different Pretension Loads - December 2017 Development of New Testing Procedure for The Assessment of Resin Performance for Improved Encapsulated Roof Bolt Installation in Coal Mines - April 2015 Optimising the Selection of Fully Grouted Cable Bolts in Varying [...] Read More  

Gas and Outbursts seminars Wollongong

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2019 June 2019 Questions and Discussion A Review of Coal Bursts June 2019 - Winton Gale  SCT Operations Wambo Underground Outburst Management - Peter Jandzio Dendrobium Mine – Gas Drainage in Potential Future Mining Domains - Alaster Wylie, Erin Lee, Wayne Green Energy Release and Failure Model of Coal Samples [...] Read More  

Water Infusion

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Water Infusion Water infusion, the injection of water at high pressure (>7 Mpa), has been explored as a stress relief mechanism to prevent outbursts. The water pressure fractures the coal in advance of the face and provides for slow relaxation of stress through lateral movement enhanced by the presence of […]

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Ground Destressing

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Ground Destressing Two of the key elements associated with outbursts are mine gases and tectonics. Just as gas drainage involves the prevention of outbursts in the seam and or associated rock strata to prevent outbursts. Currently, there are four different mechanisms used to de-stress a seam outburst prevention, these being […]

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