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Set up for Recovery

Set the Armoured Face Conveyor (AFC) and the Beam Stage Loader (BSL) chains and break them. The maingate drive is disconnected from the BSL mini pans and AFC pans by removing the dog bone connector at the maingate drive.

Removing the Pantechnicon

The pantechnicon consist of a series of sleds. The pantechnicon sleds are separated for transportation to the new longwall face as the train is too long to manouever around corners. Pantech sleds are transported from the old face to the new face by Mules and other similar underground equipment. A typical pantechnicon may consist of the following sleds.

Pulling the Pantechnicon

When moving the pantechnicon to the new longwall it is separated into bits.

Recovery of the Tailgate Drive and Pans

Recovery from the BSL to the Boot

Loading the Shearer

  • The shearer is loaded onto a track transporter
  • The double drum is removed in one unit.
  • The shearer is removed after the conveyor head drive is removed.
  • The shearer is then blocked up and the power turned off.