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A longwall change over generally takes 4 to 6 weeks. There is a need for forward planning and the use of critical path analysis is essential so as to prioritise the resources where they are needed. To prepare for a new longwall various tasks still need to be finished:

  • Gas drainage of the new panel has to be completed
  • The roads and relevant cut throughs need to be cleaned up (ie this involves grading of roadways)
  • The new face needs to have a level floor for the chocks to be placed properly.

The equipment for the change over is either owned by the mine if it is a large mine or the equipment is shared between different mines that are owned by the same company or the equipment is hired out.


  • A successful longwall changeover requires the following:
  • Extensive planning, scheduling, preparation and teamwork
  • A fast turn around time
  • Evaluation of the whole procedure for improvements and to alleviate problems that may have been encountered
  • Safety – Accident free procedure